Serving Medical Practices that offer primary care but considering expansion into specialty services to meet patient care requirements.

Khora Health Solutions is exclusively focused on breaking down access barriers to specialty care for underserved patient populations. We bring exceptional specialty physicians to underserved patients, through technological, leading to improved clinical outcomes.

Our customers include Federally Qualified Healthcare Centers, Rural Referral Centers, Critical Access Hospitals and Primary Care Practices that do not currently provide specialty services or provide limited specialty services (i.e. Gastroenterology, Dermatology, Rheumatology and Infectious Disease).

Limitations in access to clinical specialists for underserved patient populations has created a gap in our healthcare system. Patients who experience barriers to accessing the level of care that they need will often experience a diminished quality of life, due to poor clinical outcomes. Khora Health allows your medical practice to connect patients with exceptional specialist providers, in a more timely and efficient manner via our Telehealth technology.

  • Access to individuals with limited/no access to transportation

  • Fully integrated solution, with zero upfront implementation expenses

  • Our structure frees Covered Entities from having to change scope

  • Budget friendly – our fee is a percentage of your savings

  • Specialty providers are available during clinic hours determined by you

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