Who We Are

Khora Health Solutions is a professional corporation that focuses on creating access to specialty care for underserved and remote patient populations. Khora’s solution increases access to specialty physicians for rural and urban patient populations by leveraging technology to enhance clinical outcomes through our unique integrated delivery model. Our goal is to ensure that patients with access issues receive the specialty treatments that they require to improve their quality of life.

Why Choose Us

Our Partners

Covered Entities (i.e. FQHCs, RRCs and CAHs) that typically provide limited or no specialty services. Our goal is to enhance access to specialty services for specific covered entities beyond primary care medicine through an informal relationship.

Manufacturers for chronic diseases with limited provider networks. Our solution creates virtual provider access to patients that require ongoing clinical follow up for chronic diseases. Patients can access their care teams remotely resulting in reduced travel, increased adherence and improved quality of life.

Our Approach

Khora is a turnkey solution that brings specialty providers to clinic patients through Telehealth via our proprietary integrated platform. All specialty providers are managed through our professional corporation and receive direct oversight from our Medical Advisory Board.

When you partner with Khora, we handle all program implementation including, but not limited, to the following:

  • We provide two way data integrate with the your EMR/EHR system

  • We will provide a network of specialty physicians/providers to provide clinical consults through our professional corporation

  • Khora provides software needed to push and pull data including all ongoing training and support

  • We provide best-in-class services including clinical support and low-cost access to specialty medications.

  • We develop a network of contracted specialty pharmacies and/or retail pharmacies needed to maximize potential savings.

Our Specialties


Behavioral Health



Infectious Disease


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